A Commitment to Healthy Streams

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper recognizes the importance of our water resources, particularly in protected water supply areas.  Other resource values are associated with our rivers, lakes and streams are fish habitat, water quality and aesthetics.

All these values are given special considerations when developing and implementing forest management plans.  Treed buffers, proper bridge construction and culvert installation, and sedimentation and erosion control are just some measures taken to ensure the protection of water quality as well as the preservation and enhancement of fish habitat.

Watercourse crossing construction techniques have vastly improved.  In the past, bridges and culverts constructed from materials logged at the site of the stream crossing, eventually rotted and fell into the streams, altering stream flow and blocking fish passage.  All major watercourse crossings are now constructed from concrete and steel, with steel culverts used on small crossings.  Utilization of buffer zones, minimized equipment activity, and stabilization of slopes and banks are just some measures taken to protect our water bodies.  In addition, all stream crossings are approved by the Department of Environment as well as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.