Special Places

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited appreciates that Newfoundlanders and Labradoreans value their forests for more than a source of fibre. Hunting, fishing, recreation, wildlife, geology, the environment, aesthetics, history and culture are the many values ingrained in the traditions of our people. To recognize the importance of these ideals, the Woodlands Department began a process to identify “special places” on their limits, where people fish, camp, hike or just enjoy nature’s splendor. This Special Places program was then incorporated into Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited’s sustainable forest management plan, a requirement for registration to a national sustainable forest management standard (CSA Z809). To date, 39 candidate sites have been nominated by Woodlands staff and members of the Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited Public Advisory Committee.

Any site nominated for Special Places is evaluated to ensure it qualifies. The location is recorded and an inventory is conducted of the features that make it “special”. Candidate sites will be reviewed on an annual basis and qualifying sites will be designated Special Places.

Once a site qualifies as a Special Place, the exact boundaries are defined and entered into the Geographic Information System (GIS), an inventory that combines layers of information such as boundaries, vegetation, soils, streams and roads. This will flag the site for special considerations should it be close to or within a planned harvesting operation. Using all the background information about the Special Place, management recommendations are developed to maintain the uniqueness of the site within the boundaries of a working forest.  Before harvesting in the vicinity of a Special Place is initiated, these management recommendations will be included on the Pre-Work Form, which is given to and reviewed with harvesting contractors.

See Indicator Profile 6.1.2 in the SFM Plan for details. Sustainable Forest Management Plan

To learn about individual Special Places that have been processed to date, click on the map below.