Forest Access Roads

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper constructs more than 95 kilometers of main forest access and operational roads per year.  While the main purpose of these roads is to provide access for forest management operations, our extensive network of roads is open to the public and is used during all seasons of the year.  These roads provide access for recreational activities such as hunting, berry picking, trapping, firewood cutting, cross-country skiing, fishing, hiking, snowmobiling, adventure tourism, and boating.

Public Use

Forest Access Roads are used by our employees in their travel to and from work, as well as by semi truck operators who deliver pulpwood and sawlogs.  We would like to advise the general public to exercise extreme caution when traveling and parking along these wood roads, especially during winter conditions.  Roads are kept clear of snow, however, it is essential that users of these roads understand that a tractor trailer with a load of wood must be given the right-of-way as they cannot stop as easily as a regular vehicle.  When parking, pull well off to the edge of the road in full view from both directions, and never park on bridges or curves.

Road Construction

Road construction practices have undergone many positive changes in recent years.  Road locations must be approved by the Newfoundland Forest Service.  Construction specifications and standards are strictly governed and must be in compliance with environmental guidelines.  All Company roads are constructed using excavators to minimize equipment activity.  Proper ditching and drainage, the utilization of buffers, and proper road location are all forest management practices designed to protect the environment.

Road Deactivation

Although roads constructed and maintained by the Company are available for public use, roads can be deactivated by the Company under special circumstances.  Deactivated roads will be clearly marked and posted to ensure public safety.