Company Profile

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited is a vital force in the economy of western Newfoundland. Construction of the mill began in 1923 with the first paper produced in 1925. It was then incorporated in 1927 as the International Paper Company of Newfoundland Limited and was acquired by Bowater Corporation in 1938. The company became part of the Kruger organization in December of 1984, at which time it adopted its present name.

Corner Brook Pulp and Paper manages approximately 1.4 million hectares (3.4 million acres) of forest land on the Island of Newfoundland These timber limits span from the Codroy Valley on the southwest corner of the island, to Cat Arm on the Northern Peninsula, and east to Gander in central Newfoundland.

Of the 1.4 million hectares of total land area, only 715,500 hectares are productive forest. The remainder of the land is bog, barren, water and scrub land.



Corner Brook Pulp and Paper Limited (CBPP) would like to inform the public of harvesting and road building operations in eight areas of our province for the 2020 hunting season. This includes wood trucks, light vehicles and road building equipment.

The operational areas are;
1) North Brook — Gallants Area
2) Ball’s Pond — Hughes Brook Area
3) Taylor’s Brook — Off Sopp’s Arm highway
4) Rambler — Burlington Road Off Baie Verte Highway
5) North Twin Lakes — Off TCH between Badger and South Brook, Halls Bay
6) Home Pond — Gander Area
7) Joe Batts — Gander Area
8) Johnathon’s Pond — Gander Area

EXTREME CAUTION when Hunting Near All Operations!
Newfoundland Labrador Wildlife Regulations state ‘‘It is illegal to discharge a firearm within 1,000 meters of a commercial wood cutting operation that has been clearly marked by signs stating “No Hunting””

CBPP have erected ‘‘No Hunting’’ signs and want to remind the public for the safety of our workers in these areas. Persons planning to hunt in these areas are advised not to hunt beyond the posted signs and are asked to case their guns when travelling through these worksites.

Remember to park vehicles and trailers only in areas designated for public parking. Corner Brook Pulp and Paper would like to thank all hunters and general public for their cooperation. Please remember to drive safe.

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Zone 5 District 10 Proposed Five Year Plan




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Mission Statement

The mission of Corner Brook Pulp and Paper is to provide our customers with products and services that continually fulfill their expectations.  This is achieved by all employees optimizing the quality of each action that takes place in the business of buying, producing, selling and servicing our products – all within a safe work environment that encourages personal development and satisfaction.